HMRC – Making Tax Digital (MTD)


*** Includes ***

Track your income and expenses

Retrieve the quarterly VAT dates

Submit your VAT data to HMRC

MTD VAT – using Excel

*** Includes ***

Upload Excel Spreadsheet .

Submit your VAT data to HMRC.

MTD Self-Assessment

*** Includes ***

Track your income and expenses

Retrieve the Obligation Dates.

Submit your Income & Expense data.

Retrieve your tax liability.

Making Tax Digital Feature List.

  • Contact Management: Build a database of your business contacts.

  • Invoicing: Create beautiful Invoices and email them to your customers in seconds.

  • Payment Tracking: Record Payments, including part payments against Invoices.

  • Expenses: Enter your Expenses and take a photo of the Receipts (no need to keep paper copies).

  • Making Tax Digital – Self Assessment: Submit a summary of your Sales and Expenses and retrieve a Tax Estimate.

  • Making Tax Digital – VAT: Submit your quarterly VAT submissions with a few clicks.

Advanced Features

Grow your Sales

*** Includes ***

Build a Customer Database.

Create Estimates on your Phone.

Add Notes and Reminders.

Invoicing & Expenses

*** Includes ***

Create beautiful invoices

Track customer payments.

Take a photo of expense receipts.

(no need to keep paper copies).


*** Includes ***

Add your Accountant to Rhino.

No need to prepare paper copies.

View a trading summary in real time.

Advanced Features.

  • Estimating: Create a professional Estimate in seconds using your phone or computer

  • Template Estimates: Setup a Template Estimate that can be reused when you create a new estimate.

  • Sales Management: Track your estimates and improve your sales conversion rates.

  • Diary Scheduling: Co-ordinate your workload by assigning Tasks and Appointments.

  • Project Management: Add Projects and assign Tasks to your employees.

  • Time Recording: Record the effort and cost of the effort against Projects and Tasks

  • Advanced Expense Recording: Record Expenses against Projects and Tasks

Take your Business Online

Start Trading Online

*** Includes ***

Load your products or services.

Integrate Rhino to your Web Site,

or to your Social Media Page.

Customer Ordering

*** Includes ***

Customers can browse your products.

Collection and Delivery options.

Fully Integrated

*** Includes ***

Builds a customer database.

(as they place Orders)

Also creates Customer Invoice.

The following features provide an easy way for SMEs to trade securely online.

  • Products & Categories: Add images, Descriptions, Categories, and the Price of each Product.

  • Availability: Option to specify which days / times of day that a  product is available.

  • Services: Option to enable COLLECTION and / or DELIVERY Services.

  • Capacity: Option to specify and control COLLECTION and DELIVERY Capacity.

  • Online Payments: Option to pay online using their Credit Card.

  • Integration: Integrate Rhino into your Web Site or Social Media Pages.

  • Advanced: Build up a Customer Database when a Customer Places an Order.

  • Advanced: Option to automatically create Invoices based on Orders Received.

  • Advanced: Automatically send Phone Notifications when Orders are Ready for Collection

Why is Rhino different?

Simple design makes it very easy to use.

Only select the features you require.

Add more features at any time.

Contains all the features that you will ever need in one App.

You can access Rhino on your phone, tablet or computer.

Rhino App Screen Shots