Balancing the Economic & Public Health Challenge

Rhino Software was nearing the completion of an e-commerce feature that lets businesses market their goods and take orders online with the option to take online payments when we received a call from the Boat House Restaurant in Killybegs, Co. Donegal in the Republic of Ireland.  They asked us if Rhino could provide a ‘Click and Collect’ solution with Social Distancing to help control the flow of customers to their building.

We quickly responded and implemented a prototype solution.  The outcome was better than anyone had expected.  The Boat House were able to process a large number of orders with a steady flow of customers arriving at 5 minute intervals.  The most important thing was that everyone felt safe!  The prototype solution protected the public, their staff and also the brand that they have worked so hard to establish.

This crises is encouraging businesses to evolve their thinking and to look at new ways of doing things.  Garry and Mairead believe that they will continue using this new business model alongside their traditional business  – a model where customers avoid delays and with visibility of future collections, the restaurant can be more productive and efficient.

Rhino Software have worked with other small businesses to adapt Rhino to make it applicable to different sectors irrespective of which goods they are selling.

As more people became aware of this unique solution, the e-commerce feature is being adapted for use in businesses where the customers may wish to describe the items rather than select them from a menu or product list.

The focus is always to protect the public by facilitating Social Distancing, thereby limiting the flow of customer to each business.

A small business can register an account and be up and running in 20 minutes.  A simple step by step setup guide is emailed to customers after they have registered an Account.

Rhino Software recognise that this is a difficult time for small business owners and has decided to offer this solution for a flat fee of £30 plus Vat per month.  Rhino has also decided that it is not ethical to charge its customers a sales commission on their sales.  Finally, customers can cancel at any time making it an easy and a low risk business decision that will enable small businesses across the world to quickly get online and reconnect with their community for the equivalent of £1 per day.

Please note that you do not need a website to use Rhino… your customers search and connect any business that is using the Rhino App.

About Rhino Software

Eugene Blaine founded Atlantic Global in 1993, took it public on the LSE AIM market in 2001 and secured its sale to a leading Californian software company in 2012.

A software engineer with 30 years experience building business management software solutions for technology and services teams that was deployed in more than 500 organisations that included Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank, Aviva, Friends Provident, Pfizer, GSK.

Rhino Software Limited was founded by Eugene Blaine and Ann O’Connell in 2015 to build professional and affordable business solutions for the SME sector.

The company adopted an agile based outsourced strategy working closely with proven specialist organisations.  The Rhino Solution uses its own unique technology that semi-automated the development process.  The Rhino App was first launched in 2016 and has been constantly extended and refined in response to customer feedback.  Rhino has issued 20 product upgrades since its initial launch in 2016.

The management team was strengthened with the arrival of Stephen Ford, John Brims, Peter Dean and Richard Bulpin.

Our thoughts on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are in the same position as the majority of small businesses in every country across the world and most of us are looking for answers to the same questions.

How long will this last?

There seems to be a consensus that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus will remain a threat to public health until a vaccine is developed.  A realistic timeline to discover a safe vaccine is September 2020 but it may take time thereafter to manufacture it in sufficient quantities.

Thankfully the infection and death rates are flattening, thanks to a huge effort by people across the world to adhere to the conditions of the lock down.

However, the COVID-19 virus still exists in society and has proven to be highly infectious.  Everyone seems to agree that SOCIAL DISTANCING is essential to controlling the spread of the infection.

Do everything you can to work your way through this challenge.

Many of us experienced the recession in the early 90’s and also the Financial Crash in 2007.  That experience showed that there are limits to what any Government can do and therefore we encourage all business owners to play their part to evolve their products and services to survive this difficult chapter.

We wish you well and stay safe!


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