Little Pearls of Wisdom

Every now and again, I came across someone that said something that really made me think. Here are a few of my favourites.

Colin 2004:Never dismiss the good in search of perfection

It is sometimes easy to spend a disproportionate amount of effort trying to perfect something, and it often does not make a significant difference. Please do not interpret this advise as an endorsement of mediocrity.

Steve 2006:Busy Fool Syndrome

Register and fill out the form. I had to give my personal information, health information, and what kind of birth control I was taking or wanted to take. Then I had to add my address, phone number, e-mail and attach my ID. For U.S. citizens it is a driver’s license or identification card, I attached to buy tramadol on line a photo of my passport.

This is where you subconsciously make yourself very busy doing something to make yourself feel good. It can often be a distraction from having to make difficult decisions.

Kevin 2002:The only difference in a small company and a large company is volume

This is an incredible insight and the primary motivation behind the Rhino App. Large and mid-sized companies constantly invest to improve their technology and business processes so that they can remain competitive. They have sophisticated systems that manage their customers, their sales pipeline, their projects, their staff, their billing, their costs, their accounts, their documents and so on.

Small companies share many of the same challenges which is why we designed Rhino to address many of these challenges.

Kevin 2002:I only use 10% of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, I wish I could hide the other 90%‘ .

As in life, some of the best things are simple. It is often wise to avoid unnecessary complexity.

Nick 2010: You don’t measure integrity in degrees‘ .

A friend of mine working in the police force gave me this advice. It is almost too simple but I often reflect on it when dealing with people. You need to be able to rely on people and getting this wrong can be frustrating and costly.


We are just throwing these little pearls of wisdom out there for your consideration and potentially for your amusement!

Rhino is all about giving sole traders and small business users their evenings and weekends back. It provides simple but powerful no-nonsense professional features on a tool that’s always to hand, including contacts, appointments, notes, estimates, invoices, expenses, accounts and more.

  • Easy to Use: Select the features that you require.  Add more features as you need them.

  • Comprehensive: Provides everything you need in one easy to use App.

  • Accessibility: All feature are available across on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Real Time: High efficient design, will work on a 3G network.

  • Free Trial Available: Easy to get up and running, no credit card required.


This article is based on our experience and does not constitute advice for any specific company. You are responsible for making your own independent investigation and appraisal of the risks, benefits, appropriateness and suitability of the material presented in this document and Rhino Software Limited is not making any recommendation(personal or otherwise) or giving any advice and will have no liability with respect thereto.