About Eugene Blaine

Eugene is a respected technologist and entrepreneur with a 25-year background in delivering large enterprise solutions to world-leading organisations. He founded Atlantic Global in 1993, took it public on the LSE AIM market in 2001 and sold it to KeyedIn Solutions, a leading Californian software company, in 2012. As a visionary with a deep technical understanding, operating in the corporate environment, he identified small business as the true engine of global commerce. Focusing his enthusiasm on the sector, he founded Rhino Software and drove the development of the Rhino App to help champion small businesses around the world.

MTD Bridging Feature

The Rhino Bridging Feature - Video Tutorial The Rhino Bridging Feature - A Step-By-Step User Guide Before we start - have you connected Rhino to your HMRC VAT Account? Customers need to connect Rhino to their HMRC MTD VAT Account [...]

MTD Bridging Feature2023-08-25T05:32:39-07:00

Making Adjustments

Making Adjustments You may need to enter adjustments to correct a previous VAT submission for example. For further details on VAT adjustments go to In the event you need to make an adjustment, simply click on the down arrow icon to the right of the [...]

Making Adjustments2022-05-26T14:15:08-07:00

Submitting a VAT Return

Video Tutorial - Submitting your MTD Vat Return How to find the best verified coupon codes in India? Verified coupon codes are the perfect way to save money on your favorite products. However, you must be careful. Many fake coupons offer unbelievable discounts. Submitting your MTD [...]

Submitting a VAT Return2023-08-25T05:33:40-07:00

MTD VAT Dashboard

The Rhino VAT Dashboard - Your HMRC VAT Account at a glance. The Rhino MTD Dashboard automatically connects to and displays the latest information from the HMRC MTD System. The information extracted from HMRC is divided into 3 sections: The SUMMARY section contains a useful summary [...]

MTD VAT Dashboard2022-05-30T08:34:45-07:00

Connecting to MTD VAT

Video Tutorial Alternatively, use the following steps Step 1. Enter your VAT Details Enter your VAT Number and VAT Scheme in Rhino and press the CONNECT button. Please do not include spaces when entering your VAT Number. [...]

Connecting to MTD VAT2023-08-25T05:31:44-07:00

Case Study – Epic Design

Marketing Industry Case Study About Epic Design Epic Design is a small branding design agency that helps new or established businesses with their brand identity, websites, printed materials, packaging or user interface design for software. Epic was established in 2006 and has a wide portfolio, we have over one hundred clients and take on [...]

Case Study – Epic Design2020-03-11T03:04:00-07:00

Advice – Pearls

Little Pearls of Wisdom Every now and again, I came across someone that said something that really made me think. Here are a few of my favourites.Colin 2004: "Never dismiss the good in search of perfection'It is sometimes easy to spend a disproportionate amount of effort trying to perfect something, and it often does [...]

Advice – Pearls2023-01-26T05:26:42-07:00

Advice – Introduction

Talent and hard work is good... but a sprinkling of experience can avoid so much unnecessary pain. Running your own business is an incredible privilege and in doing so, you will inevitably experience highs and lows that only a fellow entrepreneur will understand. From the highs of pulling out all the stops to win a [...]

Advice – Introduction2020-03-08T05:56:31-07:00

Advice – Partnerships

Do partnerships work? There are definite positives and on the other hand definite negatives sharing the leadership roles within an organisation. The positives - We are a team! Most partnerships start out in a very positive way. They can be a tremendous source of support and motivation for each other and also, they [...]

Advice – Partnerships2022-05-16T06:50:55-07:00

Advice – Consider the Exit

The Exit Strategy. It is good business discipline to consider every decision you make in terms of how it might impact the potential sale of the business. Your revenue model A potential acquirer will look for strong patterns in your revenue model. It helps if you have regular customers that give you repeat [...]

Advice – Consider the Exit2022-05-16T06:48:35-07:00
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