Our Customer Data is a Business Asset

As the business grows, data security and the ease of sharing information amongst team members becomes an important priority.

Storing customer & supplier contact information on RHINO provides enhanced security and it makes the data easily accessible information for all the team, meeting the needs of your growing business.

New employees or existing employees that get a new phone can quickly download and log into the RHINO app to access this information – It takes less than one minute.

Another useful feature is the ability to make notes of conversations with customers and suppliers and to schedule reminders for the team that appear when the user logs into the app.

We Maximise Our Sales Opportunities

When we started, we used Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Templates to generate customer estimates and invoices.

Managing lots of files eventually proved cumbersome and as the business grew, we realised that we did not have proper visibility of our sales pipeline, or how well we were converting opportunities. .

Using RHINO on our phone or laptop, we can add a new estimate in less than 30 seconds. When we have finished entering the estimate, RHINO creates a professional personalised estimate document with our company logo and contact details. This can be printed or emailed to the customer with one tap of a button.

If we need to revise the estimate, we simply edit it and we create a new copy of the estimate. RHINO stores all the previous estimates.

For more complex estimates, you can continue using Microsoft Word or Excel and upload the estimate document into RHINO thereby having access to all of your estimates irrespective of whether they were created in Rhino or outside of the App.

We Deliver What We Agreed

We use RHINO to log your jobs and to allocate tasks and reminders to the team.

The tasks and reminders appear in the calendar on the home screen when a user logs in. Overdue items are also highlighted. We can see where projects are slipping, giving us a chance to intervene to manage your projects more effectively.

These features improve the way we communicate and they help to ensure that we deliver what we promised across all projects. Our objective is to minimise the time and energy that can be expended discussing and fixing issues that could have been prevented.

Go Went Electronic And Said Goodbye To Paper!

Collecting information from our people out on the road was a challenge. We replacing manual timesheets with the RHINO app and this had the immediately replaced another piece of paper. It meant that we could focus on maximising our charged time.

Similarly, rather than collecting original paper expense receipts, we started logging all expenses on RHINO and asked our staff to take a photo of the receipt. This removed another lot of paperwork and it also solved an issue that we experienced with staff losing receipts.

Apart from the obvious benefits of moving away from a paper based systems mentioned above, moving to RHINO gave us improved visibility of the cost and margin on each job.

We Improved Our Invoicing Process

We found that we were delaying sending invoices until the end of the month because we were struggling to calculate what and how much to include on each invoice. Using Rhino to manage estimating and jobs greatly simplifies our invoicing process.

Improving the accuracy of our invoices has reduced the number of invoice related queries. This along with invoicing customers as soon as the work is complete has improved our cash flow.

Of course the final invoice challenge is ensuring that our invoices are paid on time. Rhino tracks customer payments.

The electronic customer payment feature also makes it easier for your customers to pay at their convenience straight into your Bank Account. The electronic payment feature includes the Invoice Reference which really helps when doing the Bank Reconciliation Process at the end of the month.

We Made The Year End Process Easier

Irrespective of what technology you are using, we chose to employ the services of an external accountant for many reasons. The constant changes in legislation and regulatory requirements make it a highly technical and skilled area and we believed that working with a good accountant was the best way to ensure that we complied with all the necessary accounting and tax rules.

An accountant’s time can be expensive. We use RHINO to record business transactions and we make this information available to our accountant in real time throughout the year. This has greatly reduced the number of queries and emails we receive when doing the final year-end accounts.