Storing customer & supplier contact information on personal phones may be convenient in the initial stages of setting up a new business. However, as the business grows, data security and the ease of sharing information amongst team members becomes an important priority.

Storing customer & supplier contact information on RHINO provides enhanced security and it makes the data easily accessible information for all the team, meeting the needs of your growing business.

New employees or existing employees that get a new phone can quickly download and log into the RHINO app to access this information – It takes less than one minute.

Another useful feature is the ability to make notes of conversations with customers and suppliers and to schedule reminders for the team that appear when the user logs into the app.


Using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Templates to generate customer estimates can be a relatively cumbersome way of working for the majority of your projects, especially for customers that require a very simple estimate.

Using RHINO on your device, you can select a customer and add a new estimate in less than 30 seconds. When you have finished entering the estimate, RHINO creates a professional estimate document with your company logo and contact details. This can be printed out or emailed to the customer with one tap of a button.

If you need to revise the estimate, simply edit it and create a new copy of the estimate. RHINO stores all the previous estimates.

For more complex estimates, you can use Microsoft Word or Excel and upload the document into RHINO thereby having access to all of your estimates anytime using any device.


Organisations often go through quiet periods and then hit bottlenecks with everyone wanting work done yesterday. To become more efficient, we recommend using RHINO to log your jobs and to allocate tasks and reminders to the team.

The tasks and reminders appear in the calendar on the home screen when a user logs in. Overdue items are also highlighted. You can see where projects are slipping, giving you a chance to intervene to manage your projects more effectively.

These features will improve communications and help to ensure that oversight is comprehensive across all jobs and projects. It is surprising how much time and energy is expended discussing and fixing issues that could have been prevented.

RHINO provides you with powerful technology, giving you the opportunity to organise your work and develop continuous improvements. Having business information at your fingertips will give you the foresight to prevent issues and ultimately the insight needed to develop a competitive edge.


Collecting information from people out on the road is always a challenge but it does help if it is made as simple as possible. Replacing manual timesheets with the RHINO app will provide the immediate benefits of reduced admin and centralised views of charged time.

Similarly, rather than the inconvenience of collecting original paper expense receipts, logging all expenses on RHINO via a photo of the receipt cuts out a huge amount of paperwork, reduces the risk of lost receipts (and lost Tax claims on those purchases) and ultimately speeds up an otherwise laborious process. Most tax authorities are happy to accept electronic copies of receipts including photographs provided you can clearly read the detail.

Apart from the obvious benefits of moving away from a paper based systems mentioned above, moving to RHINO will also give you improved visibility of the cost and margin on each job, vital information to give you a competitive edge.


Generating invoices is a fundamental activity in any business. However, many people find themselves putting this important task off until the end of the month because it is difficult to calculate what and how much to include on each invoice.

Using Rhino to manage estimating and jobs greatly simplifies the invoicing process. You can now produce invoices with greater accuracy in seconds because everything is linked.

Improving the accuracy of our invoices will reduce the number of invoice related queries you get from customers and consequently it will significantly improve our cash flow. You can also invoice customers as soon as the job is complete which will also simplify your month-end process.

Rhino also tracks customer payments and on occasion where you need to tweak the amount invoiced, Rhino lets you produce credit notes to reflect the correct value of the transaction.


Even if you are using good technology within a company, employing an external accountant is recommended for many reasons. Constant changes in legislation and regulatory requirements make it a highly technical and skilled area. Most small and medium sized businesses realise that a good accountant is the best way to ensure that they comply with all the necessary accounting and tax rules.

An accountant’s time is expensive, so engaging your own technology to maintain good records of how revenue is generated and costs are incurred is fundamental to running a cost effective, professional business.

Using RHINO to comprehensively record business transactions and making this information available to an accountant will greatly reduce the number of queries and emails you receive when doing your year-end accounts.

The electronic customer payment feature makes it much easier for your customers to pay at their convenience straight into your Bank Account. The electronic payment feature includes the Invoice Reference which really helps when doing the Bank Reconciliation Process at the end of the month.