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The Rhino App has been deployed in a wide range of sectors and different sizes of organisations. Organisations use a wide range of features and this has lead us to conclude that there is no one right way to deploy Rhino.

The the Minimum Functionality

Most organisations use the Contacts feature to store their business contacts. Organizations use the Notes feature to store important notes about their trading relationship and they use the Documents feature to store copies of contracts or documents that were shared between the organisations. We do have several therapists that use the dictation feature to populate Notes about their patients, secure in the knowledge that everything is encrypted in the Rhino App.

It is easy to underestimate the value that some customers get from using this one small feature. within the Rhino.

Basic Financial Management
The majority of Rhino customers use the Invoicing Feature to quickly issue and track Invoice payments. They also use the Expense feature to track staff expenses and business costs which in turn provides them with a good insight into how their business is performing.

These two features provides the information for their VAT Submissions, for their MTD Self Assessment and of course, it gives them everything they need to produce their end of year accounts.

Other Popular Features
A number of organisation use Rhino to produce estimates. In addition to enabling them to react quicker to business opportunities, it has many other advantages im that estimates are stored electronically with management having visibility of the sales pipeline for the wider organisation.

The ability to quickly create Projects or Jobs from an Estimate is powerful. Recording Timesheets and Expenses against Project Tasks combined with Project Based Work in progress invoicing has proved very popular with customers that are working on several long term projects.

We do not prescribe which Features you should use.
Organisations tend to deploy Rhino to solve a particular issue that they are experiencing. We support this approach knowing that you can easily utilise more features as you become more familiar with Rhino and of course have time to adopt the additional features.

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