Case Study – Epic Design

Marketing Industry Case Study About Epic Design Epic Design is a small branding design agency that helps new or established businesses with their brand identity, websites, printed materials, packaging or user interface design for software. Epic was established in 2006 and has a wide portfolio, we have over one hundred clients and take on [...]

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Advice – Pearls

Little Pearls of Wisdom Every now and again, I came across someone that said something that really made me think. Here are a few of my favourites.Colin 2004: "Never dismiss the good in search of perfection'It is sometimes easy to spend a disproportionate amount of effort trying to perfect something, and it often does [...]

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Advice – Introduction

Talent and hard work is good... but a sprinkling of experience can avoid so much unnecessary pain. Running your own business is an incredible privilege and in doing so, you will inevitably experience highs and lows that only a fellow entrepreneur will understand. From the highs of pulling out all the stops to win a [...]

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Advice – Partnerships

Do partnerships work? There are definite positives and on the other hand definite negatives sharing the leadership roles within an organisation. The positives - We are a team! Most partnerships start out in a very positive way. They can be a tremendous source of support and motivation for each other and also, they [...]

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Advice – Consider the Exit

The Exit Strategy. It is good business discipline to consider every decision you make in terms of how it might impact the potential sale of the business. Your revenue model A potential acquirer will look for strong patterns in your revenue model. It helps if you have regular customers that give you repeat [...]

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Advice – Stay in Control

Staying in Control It is only too easy to spend money and much more difficult to earn it. People will queue up with lots of exciting ideas and gadgets that are supposedly 'essential' for making your business a success. There is a difference in Investing and just spending money? There is a temptation [...]

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Advice – Before you Start

Before you Start... There are many reasons why people start businesses but some reasons are more valid than others. This article is to help you understand the reality and the challenges that you will face after the initial excitement subsides. Positive Reasons to Start a Business. If you believe that you are talented [...]

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Rhino App Users Talk Their Way to Business Efficiency.

Rhino App Users Talk Their Way to Business Efficiency. A key feature of the new Rhino Small Business App that’s proving highly popular with its rapidly-increasing user base is the voice function. Rhino users are reporting significant time savings with routine business admin by dictating the content of invoices, estimates, notes and appointments, directly [...]

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Turn Your Business into a Retirement Nest Egg.

Turn Your Business into a Retirement Nest Egg. Many people overlook the potential nest egg they are building which is reflected in the quality of their trading history. That’s where Rhino can make a big difference. It can capture and safeguard all this valuable information for the day when you decide to retire [...]

Turn Your Business into a Retirement Nest Egg.2021-02-23T07:41:05-07:00
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