Why managing your business contacts is so important... The value of your business is based on your customers. If one day you wish to sell your business, a purchaser will not just look at your financial information, they will also place a value on the type of relationship that you have with your customers. A [...]



Quickly getting a professional estimate out to a prospective customers will give you a competitive advantage. Compare two scenarios...A tradesperson arrives at your house, you discuss the work, they makes some notes, they go away and several days later you receive an estimate for the work. Contrast this with another tradesperson who arrives at your [...]



Aside from creating Invoices (sales), tracking Expenses (costs) is the other variable in the profit equation. Why does tracking Expenses matter? Many Business owners tend to focus on business growth which is reflected in your sales figures. Tracking Expense accurately is less glamorous but of equal importance. Failing to do this can have two [...]



It is important to get Invoices out fast. Make sure they are accurate and that you get paid on time. Interesting Statistic Late payment of invoices is a major issue in the UK economy with 17% getting paid more that 60 days after providing an invoice, 37% say their payment terms have increased. (Source: Federation [...]


GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Systems Security Storing your contacts on your phone is very convenient but it is not very secure. Of course you can back them up but not everyone gets this right. Your business data is an important ingredient in terms of defining the value of your business. A potential purchaser will want to see [...]

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