Rhino Software Limited – Complaints Policy

Purpose & scope of the Policy

Our intention at all times is to deal with our customers fairly and properly. If you feel that Rhino Software has not met that standard, please let us know. If we believe our conduct has fallen short, we are committed to learning and continually improving our products and services.

What is a complaint?

We will treat any expression of dissatisfaction about our company, products or services as a complaint provided that the complaint is lodged by the customer that experienced the issue, and provided the customers can provide evidence to support the complaint.

Review Process

All complaints will be investigated by the CEO Eugene Blaine in a thorough and timely manner.

The complaint will be reviewed alongside the commitments made by the company as outlined in the terms and conditions that customers must agree to when they register a customer account.

Feedback to Customer

Customers will be notified as to the findings of the review process at the earliest opportunity.