Why managing your business contacts is so important…

The value of your business is based on your customers.

If one day you wish to sell your business, a purchaser will not just look at your financial information, they will also place a value on the type of relationship that you have with your customers. A business that has regular repeat business transactions with their customers is much more valuable that a business built on a series of one-off transactions.

Get the complete picture.

Rhino lets you see at a glance all the information for a contact including Estimates, Jobs, Invoices, Notes, Appointments and Documents in one single fully integrated business solution.

Harness the power of the team.

Your business data is stored and shared in the Rhino Cloud which means that your employees are accessing and updating the same information.

It’s easy to get up and running.

Load the contacts that are currently stored in Rhino straight into the Rhino Small Business App. You can also load your contact information from a spreadsheet.

Integrated with your phone.

The Rhino Small Business App also integrates with your Telephone, Email and Maps Apps on your local device.

The Rhino Small Business App is fully GDPR compliant.

Your customer and supplier address, telephone and email data is encrypted in the Rhino Database. All Data Communications to and from your device to the Rhino Cloud is also encrypted.

Comply with GDPR business processes supporting the ” right for consumers to request companies to disclose what information they are storing about them, and their ‘right to be forgotten’ processes embedded in the Rhino App.

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