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About Epic Design

Epic Design is a small branding design agency that helps new or established businesses with their brand identity, websites, printed materials, packaging or user interface design for software.

Epic was established in 2006 and has a wide portfolio, we have over one hundred clients and take on a couple of new clients a month.

How we use Rhino
Rhino has revolutionised the way we work and we use a lot of the Rhino features.

When we first take on a client, we enter their contact details so everyone in the team has access.

We start the billing process and create the first invoice for a deposit to start any work. We can keep track of any invoices, and mark them as paid or chase any showing as overdue.

All our sales and costs are entered as we go meaning that at any point, we have a good indication of our profitability throughout the year which gives us a great overview of the company.

On a smaller level, we love the fact that even when out and about, costs get entered on the smartphone and we are not scrabbling around trying to find lost receipts for a trip two weeks ago.

How Rhino has helped our organisation
Before Rhino, four or five days were needlessly expended at the end of the financial year to the laborious and inefficient task of arranging a box of receipts and tracking down recurring expenses and entering them on a clumsy spreadsheet.

Rhino has become an ‘always-open-tab’ on our web browser. Every small detail is added in Rhino as it happens which in turn means there is very little to do come the year-end.

As the HMRC have moved to being a fully digital service, we find that Rhino has made that transition easy. Our figures are already there and with a couple of clicks, our VAT returns are submitted. Our accountants have access to everything they need so it reduces our time briefing them too.


In short, I’m not sure what we’d do without Rhino!


For more Information
Jonathan Gale – Founder Epic Design

Epic Design Limited

Totnes, United Kingdom, TQ9 5SQ

  • Helps sharing information within the team.

  • It makes it easy to create invoices and to get them out early, which helps our cash flow.

  • We track customer payments and Rhino highlights overdue invoices.

  • Makes it easy to record expenses as they are incurred, giving us up to date visibility of our costs. We use Rhino to take a photo of expense receipts which minimises the impact of lost receipts.

  • We carefully monitor project profitability, especially where are changes to the scope.

  • Incorporating Rhino as part of our business has taken a lot of the stress out of Year End. 

  • The transition to Making Tax Digital was easy.  Our VAT submissions are completed with a few clicks.

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