Quickly getting a professional estimate out to a prospective customers will give you a competitive advantage.

Compare two scenarios…

A tradesperson arrives at your house, you discuss the work, they makes some notes, they go away and several days later you receive an estimate for the work.

Contrast this with another tradesperson who arrives at your house, discusses the work, dictates the estimate using Rhino on their phone, presses a button and you receive a professional document with what you just agreed. Most people would give you the business and even agree the start date there and then.

Win more business opportunities…

The Rhino Small Business App lets you generate a professional looking Estimate in seconds using your phone. You can even use the voice function on your iPhone to dictate the content of the Estimate.

Sales Pipeline Management

Take this process to the next level by managing the Estimates through a structured sales cycle. At its simplest, you can flag estimates as Active, Lost or Wins.

Creating Template Estimates

You can flag an existing Estimate as a ‘favourite’ which means that it can be easily copied time and time again to speed up the production of a new Estimate.

Managing complex estimates created outside Rhino.

For more complex Estimates, you may need to produce a very detailed or custom estimate using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. The great news is that you can enter a summary of the Estimate in Rhino and also upload and store the Microsoft Word or Excel document against the estimate.

Other Useful Features

If you are using the Project or Job Feature (the terminology may differ across sectors), you can create a Project straight from an Estimate with just a few clicks.

You can also add a Reminders against an Estimate that will appear in your Diary together with Notes of conversations that you may have with the customer about the Estimate.

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