Introduction by Beth Turner

“The unique selling proposition has changed from providing a great customer experience with lots of interaction to providing an experience with limited and sometimes no contact with the customer.”

Garry Anderson from The Boathouse, Killybegs, County Donegal, Ireland

“Not standing still, especially financially and not getting into a slump was a key objective for us.  How we trade today is totally different to how we were trading back in March.”

“There was no issue getting up and running with Rhino.  It is very simple and easy to use. It’s been a very positive experience, the bookings are rolling in and I am very optimistic about our future.”

Peter Bagatti from Bagattis Restaurant, Croydon, London, UK

“There are so many advantages to using Rhino… we are not on the phone all day, people are ordering in advance which means the chefs have more time… customers are getting their food on time.  We are spreading out the cooking over the whole day… profitability is better because there is less wastage… we also know how many staff we need because we have visibility of the orders in advance.”

“I have been in the restaurant business for 42 years… this system had changed our industry… you will not be disappointed.”

Paddy Clatworthy from The Olive Tree, Nailsworth, Gloucester, UK

“Providing customers with a safe eating experience is going to be paramount.  Customers will vote with their feel as they always do.  Tripadvisor will be looking at your food ratings but also at your safety.”

“The great thing about the Rhino technology is that it will let us optimise in-house dining with our collections and deliveries.  You’ve got to adapt or you will be left behind”.

Eugene Blaine from Rhino Software Limited

“We do not charge commission on your sales because we feel that it would be a tax on your business at a time when you are vulnerable and need help. 

“We worked with the Federation of Small Business and launched the FREE100 Edition that lets a business use Rhino for free for the first 100 Orders”.

“When a customer places an order, it builds up a database of your customers.   This has enabled us to incorporate Contact Tracing within the App.”

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