The Rhino Bridging Feature – Video Tutorial

The Rhino Bridging Feature – A Step-By-Step User Guide

Before we start – have you connected Rhino to your HMRC VAT Account?

Customers need to connect Rhino to their HMRC MTD VAT Account before they can use the App to submit their MTD VAT Return.

Click on the following button for a simple step by step guide to complete these tasks.

Connect my App to Making Tax Digital

Step 1. Download the 9-Box Excel Template

  • Click on the Quarter that you want to submit.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Vat Submission screen.
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of the VAT Submission Form to download the Template.

Step 2. Populate the Excel Template

Add the Excel Template into the existing Excel Spreadsheet containing your VAT Records.

Please note the following:

  • Embed the Template as the first worksheet / tab in your VAT Excel spreadsheet.
  • The first worksheet (with the 9-box form) must be named “Summary“. Please note it is case sensitive.
  • Populate the 9 boxes in Rhino Template Worksheet from the content of the VAT Model.

If you experience issues, please double check the following:

  • Is the 9-Box form the first worksheet / tab in your VAT Excel spreadsheet?
  • Is the worksheet containing the 9 boxes form called Summary and not SUMMARY?
  • Did you copy the 9-Box Form correctly. A simple way to check this… Is the value for Box 1 entered in cell D8?
  • Make sure your spreadsheet is a Microsoft Excel Workbook (with a .xlsx file extension).

If you experience an error that starts with “A Disk Error occured…”, this means that the file you are loading is not a Microsoft Excel Workbook.

Step 3. Upload the Excel Template

Upload your Excel Spreadsheet to the App by following the instructions below:

  • Click on the + button and select your Excel file created in Step 2.

If you are experiencing issues:

  • Double check that you have completed the previous step correctly.
  • Also check that you are uploading the correct file type.  It needs to be an Excel Workbook with a file extension .xlsx


Once the Excel file has been selected click on the Upload.

The App will proceed to load the values from the Excel spreadsheet into the adjustment boxes.

Step 4. Finalise the Process

Once all the boxes have been completed, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tick the “DECLARATION” checkbox.

This will enable the FINALISE PROCESS button.  Click on this button to submit your VAT information to the HMRC MTD Platform.

If you have not already registered an Account...

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