Invoicing and Expenses – MTD Video Tutorials

This following simple video tutorials illustrate how to use the invoicing and expense features to submit their VAT Returns.

Step 1 – Recording your Income

Step 2 – Recording Expenses

Step 3 – Submitting your MTD VAT Return

Submitting your MTD VAT Return – in less than one Minute!

This is the simple process for submitting your MTD VAT Return based on the Invoices and Expenses entered in Rhino.

Once you have connected to HMRC, your VAT dashboard will be automatically displayed in the App.

Step 1:   Once you are ready to file your VAT return with HMRC, click on the SUBMIT button for the quarter that is due.

Step 2: Once you click SUBMIT, the following 9-Box VAT submission form will be presented.

The display only boxes on the 9-Box VAT form will be automatically populated from the invoices, credit notes and expenses that were entered in Rhino



Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tick the “DECLARATION” checkbox.

This will enable the FINALISE PROCESS button.




Step 4: Click on the FINALISE PROCESS button.

Clicking on the FINALISE PROCESS button will submit your VAT Return to the HMRC MTD Platform.




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