We provide two simple MTD solutions available in one easy to use App

Option 1 – Bridging (Spreadsheet) Feature

Option 2 – Record Keeping

The Bridging feature is is a simple way for customers to upload their VAT Spreadsheet to comply with MTD VAT.

This is a very popular option with customers that wish to quickly comply with MTD VAT with the minimum effort and cost.

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This option lets customers create invoices and track expenses. The VAT screen is populated automatically with this data.

The bookkeeping features are easy to setup and use.  Customers can enable these features at any time in the future at no additional cost.

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3 Simple Steps to MTD VAT compliant

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Step 1. Create a Rhino Account

You can select the easy to use BRIDGING Feature to upload your VAT spreadsheet OR you can use our RECORD KEEPING features to create Invoices and track your Expenses. Both features are contained in the same product.

Useful Tip: Use the FEATURES button at the top of the screen to enable most appropriate features for your business.

This is a one-off process and takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.

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Step 2. Connect the App to your HMRC MTD Account

Our APP will guide you through the process of connecting the APP to your HMRC MTD Account.

This is a one-off process and takes approximately 2 minutes to complete.

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Step 3. Submit your MTD VAT Return

The APP will display the VAT submissions that you’ve already made to HMRC along with the VAT submissions that you need to submit.

You can quickly populate the VAT 9-Box Form using your VAT spreadsheet.

Alternatively, Rhino will automatically populate the 9-Box form if you selected to use the Rhino Invoicing and Expense features.

This is a quarterly process and takes approximately 2 minutes to complete.

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Providing you with the support you need

Self Service Video Tutorials

Library of step-by-step video tutorials

We provide an extensive library of easy step-by-step video tutorials that customers can access at their leisure.   The video tutorials are useful for those wishing to become familiar with our solution or those looking to refresh their knowledge.

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Dedicated One-to-One Training

Available to customers who are on a Paid Subscription

This fast-track service is designed to take the hassle out of complying with MTD. Book an online zoom call with one of our experts who will explain everything and have you up and running in approximately 20 minutes.

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If you have not already registered an Account...

Get Making Tax Digital compliant with the minimum effort, cost and impact to your business.
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