Useful prompts to help you complete your MTD VAT Submission on time

Step 1. Logging into your Making Tax Digital App

Click on the LOGIN button at the top of this screen to access the Login screen.


Step 2. Connecting the App to your HMRC MTD Account

If you have already submitted your VAT Return using our App, you will have already completed this task.  Please proceed to step 3.

Tutorial: Connect to your HMRC MTD Account

Step 3. Uploading your VAT Spreadsheet

Uploading your VAT Spreadsheet requires you to download and complete our Microsoft Excel VAT template spreadsheet.  You do not need to download the template every time you complete your VAT Return.

Once your VAT spreadsheet is ready, you just need to upload the completed spreadsheet and complete the MTD VAT Submission process.

Tutorial: Upload your VAT Spreadsheet

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Built to the highest technical standards

  • Our App has been tested and approved by external and independent cyber security specialists.
  • It does not make changes to your computer.   We use a standard Microsoft Excel Worksheet. (We do not use Excel Macros).
  • Your VAT spreadsheet in stored for future reference.  (It will always be available in the event of a VAT audit).

Enable additional features at any time

Our App provides a comprehensive range of features to small business owners maximise productivity and to help them grow.

Enable the Book Keeping and Accounting Features:

  • Invoicing and Payment tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Accounting

Enable the Productivity Features:

  • Timesheet Management
  • Estimating
  • Sales Management
  • Project Management
  • e-Commerce
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