Turn Your Business into a Retirement Nest Egg.

Many people overlook the potential nest egg they are building which is reflected in the quality of their trading history. That’s where Rhino can make a big difference. It can capture and safeguard all this valuable information for the day when you decide to retire or sell.

As a business owner, Rhino lets you manage contacts, appointments, notes, estimates, invoices, expenses, accounts and much more, all on the go. Our users organise their businesses from their phones in the moment – in the car or van, at the customer’s premises, in a coffee shop.  The ability to work in real time will to free up your evenings and weekends.

Rhino as a nest egg

But Rhino goes further. As well as storing your invoice and expense information, it also stores all the other stuff like customer notes, appointments, estimates, and details of the jobs you’ve undertaken. That’s the part which helps a potential buyer to get a good handle on the real underlying trading relationships that you have with your customers. The built-in financial capability lets you marshal instant totals for your trade across the months and years. It provides a documented trail of the business financials and leads to an easy valuation. In short, it can help to transform the business into your pension.

While Rhino can help to give sole traders and small business owners their evenings and weekends back, the bigger prize is equally appealing. Yes, we made Rhino fully-functional yet simple to alleviate the day-to-day admin burden that often eats into your personal time. But we also focussed on capturing and safeguarding your trading history, which is so vital to ensuring that a potential buyer can arrive at a true valuation when you eventually decide to retire or sell your business.

Rhino is all about giving sole traders and small business users their evenings and weekends back. It provides simple but powerful no-nonsense professional features on a tool that’s always to hand, including contacts, appointments, notes, estimates, invoices, expenses, accounts and more.

  • Easy to Use: Select the features that you require.  Add more features as you need them.

  • Comprehensive: Provides everything you need in one easy to use App.

  • Accessibility: All feature are available across on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Real Time: High efficient design, will work on a 3G network.

  • Free Trial Available: Easy to get up and running, no credit card required.