MTD Bridging Feature

The Rhino Bridging Feature - Video Tutorial The "Bridging Feature" is a term used by HMRC to describe the process of uploading and submitting a spreadsheet to MTD. If you are struggling with any aspect of this video tutorial, you can always [...]

Making Adjustments

Making Adjustments You may need to enter adjustments to correct a previous VAT submission for example. For further details on VAT adjustments go to In the event you need to make an adjustment, simply click on the down arrow icon [...]

Submitting a VAT Return

Video Tutorial - Creating Invoices Video Tutorial - Tracking Expenses Video Tutorial - Submitting your MTD Vat Return How to find the best verified coupon codes in India? Verified coupon codes are the [...]

MTD VAT Dashboard

The Rhino VAT Dashboard - Your HMRC VAT Account at a glance. The Rhino MTD Dashboard automatically connects to and displays the latest information from the HMRC MTD System. The information extracted from HMRC is divided into 3 sections: The SUMMARY [...]

Connecting to MTD VAT

Connect Rhino to your HMRC MTD Account You will need to complete the following one-off authorisation process to connect the App to your HMRC MTD account. Step 1. Enter your VAT Details You need to enter your VAT Number and VAT Scheme in Rhino using [...]

Wisdom that comes with Experience

It's hard to beat Experience! This is Bob Spree. He’s 80. There’s nothing Bob doesn’t know about fighter jet ejector seats. He spent his working years in the RAF as a mission-critical specialist. And that’s just one reason why Bob is our Senior Rhino Small Business App tester. [...]

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