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We set about building the ultimate solution to help businesses compete in a fast changing world.  We prioritised the following areas:

  • Ease of Use, because business owners do not have the time to go on training courses.
  • Feature Rich, make it easy for customers to use the features they require for their business.
  • Accessibility, making all features available both on the web and on the phone because most business owners don’t spend all their time sitting at a desk.
  • Affordable, offering a range of license options to suit both startups and more mature businesses.
  • Compliance, making sure that our solution is Making Tax Digital compatible and adheres to Accounting best practice.

Contact Management (CRM)

Large corporations invest billions of dollars in systems to help manage what they consider to be their greatest asset – their customer base.  Albeit on a small scale, it is equally valid for a small business to view their customers in the same.   Rhino provides you with a simple platform to make this happen.

Key features

  • Store and update your customer and supplier information.
  • Group and filter your contacts by tagging them with keywords.
  • Add notes against a customer to keep an accurate record of what was said or cut and paste an email.
  • Add reminders to help you stay on top of things – e.g. reminder to renew my insurance.
  • Store documents against a contact – e.g. A contract, email or you could take a photo of a letter.
  • See all information relating to a contact on one screen including estimates, invoices, credit notes and projects.
  • Email your contacts with just a few clicks.


  • It provides a valuable record of all customer activity.
  • New members of staff can hit the ground running because they will have access to this valuable information.
  • If staff leave, they leave behind a wealth of information which minimises disruption to your business.
  • This information will prove valuable should someone wish to acquire your business.


Do you view customers as a valuable source of future business opportunities?

Creating professional estimates and managing your sales pipeline

Speed, accuracy and timing are critical to building a successful high functioning sales operation.  Striking whilst the iron is hot and getting your estimate in first is always a good idea.  Estimate from your competitors that coming in afterward will always be compared to your estimate.

Key features

  • Ability to create an estimate on your phone or computer.
  • Create estimate templates to make it really quick and easy to create an estimate.
  • Quickly access an estimate and adjust it if required.
  • Email the estimates to the customer.
  • Manage your sales pipeline by assigning a forecast date, manager and outcome to each status.
  • Powerful reports to help you ensure that all estimate are progressed through to a sale.


  • Rhino offers you a competitive advantage because you can react quickly.
  • It provides you with a platform to add additional sales team to help grow your company.
  • You can quickly create an invoice based on an estimate which helps to optimise your cash flow.
  • All of this information is available to you all of the time on your phone or computer.


Having invested the time visiting a customer to explore a sales opportunity, why not maximise the possibility of securing the business?

Project & task management

Managing projects in an efficient manner directly impacts your bottom line.  Clearly communicating to the customer and your staff what you agreed to deliver, and putting a process in place a system to track and authorise out of scope work is important to maximise the profitability of a project.

Key features

  • Convert an estimate into a project together with the billing rates.
  • Assign tasks to employees which can be viewed on their diary (can be displayed on their phone calendar).
  • Record notes, reminders and important documents against a project and individual tasks.
  • Option to raise invoices against a project
  • Option to raise Work in Progress invoices based on time and costs logged against a task.


  • Efficient means to clearly communicate what needs to be done.
  • The resource scheduling helps you to deploy your team across multiple projects.
  • Recording time and expenses against tasks will help calculate the true costs of each task.
  • Work in progress invoicing can help deliver accurate customer invoices
  • It will also help you to understanding the profitability of each project, even at an individual task level.


Delivering projects and scheduling your team in a structured way will enable you to take on more projects.

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