Transforming how Restaurants operate

Case Study

Interview with Peter Baggati explaining how the Rhino App transformed the way they operate and increased their profitability.

“I have been in the restaurant business for over 42 years.  This App has totally transformed the way we work.  Have a look at it, you will not be disappointed.”

The Click & Collect, Delivery and Online Reservation Features

Rhino puts you in control

Manage the Menu

  • Restaurant Owners can quickly update their Menu in real time.
  • Specific dishes can be reserved for Breakfast, Lunch or Evenings and indeed for specific days.
  • If you run out of something, you can take it off the menu in a few clicks.

Manage the Order Process

  • Separate Opening & Closing Times for Collections, Deliveries and Table Reservations.
  • TimeSlots can be used to control how many orders are placed at any given period of time (E.g. Permit 1 order every 15 minutes).
  • And if things get too busy, you can suspend order books with a few clicks.
  • Staff in the restaurant can continue to take telephone orders.
  • Restrict deliveries within a specific radius of your business.

Manage the payment options

  • You can chose to have payment on collection and / or Online Card payments.

It makes things easier for everyone

Rhino benefits you and your customers

Customers like it

  • They can order and pay online online at their convenience.
  • They can pre-order to ensure that they get the food they want on a specific day and even at a specific time.

Chefs and the staff like it

  • It controls the volume of orders coming into the kitchen.
  • They have visibility of future orders as customer pre-order in advance.
  • They can update the menu in real time.

Business owners like it

  • They don’t have people sitting there every evening answering the phone.
  • It cuts down the risk of getting orders wrong which is good for everyone, especially the customers.
  • Rhino charges £30+VAT per month, and does not charge commission on customer orders.
  • Rhino build up a customer database as customer place orders in your business.
  • It also creates invoices behind the scene so that you can analyse your sales.

Supporting the Independent Business Movement

In addition to helping you to work smarter, Rhino strengthens your brand and supports your independence  – Your Brand, Your Food, Your Drivers, and Your Service.

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