The Complete Business Solution to Connect Local Businesses with their Communities. 

Ideal for Restaurants, Take-Aways, Pubs, and for Shops that wish to Trade Safely.

All the Services you need in one App

Offer your Customers a wide range of options that includes a

CLICK & COLLECT Service with Social Distancing

DELIVERY Service with capacity management

TABLE RESERVATION Service with booking optimisation

ORDER NOW Service (At-Table / At-Counter)

Easy & Convenient for your Customers

We integrate Rhino into your Facebook Page or Website

Customer can easily select items, specify quantities, add notes against individual items and even Pay Online.

Integrate Rhino into your Business

Place a button on your Facebook Page or on your Website that takes your customers straight to Rhino.  We provide world class technology that will turbo charge your business in terms of efficiency.

Rhino does so much more…

Rhino builds up a Database of your Customers as each order is processed.  It also keeps a record of who placed each order on each date and time to facilitate contact tracing.  It can also automate your book-keeping process.

Next Steps

If you need any support or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.