The Chandlers Arms,  Shearsby, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Resumed Trading:  28th April 2020 

The Chandlers is a traditional village pub overlooking the village green in the south Leicestershire village of Shearsby.  The owners believe that a village pub should be at the centre of the village and worked quickly with the Rhino team to get the App in place to enable them to continue trading safely and to support the village through this crises.    

Stella entered their menu on the App, setup their Opening and Closing times and also enabled the online payment service.  They integrated it into their Website and into their Facebook page to make it easy for our customers to order.  The pub took its first order on the 28th April 2020 and is open every Wednesday through to Sunday.  There’s no telephones ringing or chaos,  just a steady stream of customers arriving at their selected time slot to collect their meal. 

The Rhino app also lets customers book deliveries and will soon be launching an In-House Dining booking feature.  There are many advantages having all of these features in one easy to use App that only costs £1 per day. 

A big thank you to the Rhino team for helping us to get back up and running so quickly!

Stella and Martin

Momos Restaurant, 47 Patrick St, Waterford, Ireland

Resumed Trading:  4th May 2020 

Like many business owners, we were worried about the long term impact of our restaurant being closed and were looking at ways to get it open again when a friend shared a link to the Rhino App on Facebook.  It looked very easy to use and to setup, and at €1 per day, we decided to give it a go.  

We registered on the Rhino App on the 2nd May, we loaded our menu, setup our opening and closing times and took our first orders on the 4th May.   We integrated it into our website and Facebook page to make it easy for our customers to book.  Since then, we have never looked back.

We are so grateful to everyone at Rhino for providing the support we needed when we needed it.  Thank you!     

Kamila Bystrzonowska

Greek on the Docks, Unit A – Merchants Quay, Gloucester Docks, Gloucester, United Kingdom

Resumed Trading:  13th May 2020 

Greek on the Docks is a modern Greek / Mediterranean restaurant & bar located in the historic Gloucester Docks.  They only use local ingredients and promise to  satisfy even the most demanding taste palate.  Yiannis was encouraged to open up again by his customers who missed their food and their service.  Also, their staff were bored at home and wanted to get back doing what they love.   

Yiannis contacted Rhino and was using the App to take their orders within 24 hours.  It took approximately 1 hour to enter their menu, 5 minutes to setup their Opening and Closing times, a further 5 minutes to setup their online payments.  A key feature was the ability to integrate it into our website and Facebook page to make it easy for customers to order.   They took their first order on the 13th May 2020 and have been busy ever since.  

Yiannis worked closely with the Rhino team to design the Delivery Feature which is now just another feature within this one App.  Their restaurant is also helping to design the In-House booking feature, yet another key feature that will be required when restaurants are given the green light to reopen. 


Bagattis,  56 South End, Croydon, London, United Kingdom

Resumed Trading:  21st May 2020 

Peter has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years.   Restaurants run on low margins and Peter was looking for ways to make it economically viable to reopen whilst adhering to the guidelines public health guidelines.     

Peter wanted to avoid the cost of manning phones and needed to adapt their business model to make it efficient and relevant to the current climate when he was introduced to Rhino by a friend.  Integrating the Rhino App into their website and their Facebook page was important to provide customers with an easy way to place their orders.   

They took their first orders for collection on the 21st May 2020 and later added the delivery service that is also included in the same App  Their restaurant is helping Rhino to design the In-House booking feature that will be required when restaurants are given the green light to reopen. 

Peter Bagatti

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