Rhino is configured for your industry sector

The Construction industry will require functionality to help with producing estimates and managing Jobs. In contrast, the Home Retailing Sector needs to manage higher volumes of customers and sales transactions. Also, unlike the construction industry, they do not have a requirement to produce estimate or management jobs.

Different Terminology

Our research also highlighted that not only do they use different features but they also use different terminology. For example, the Marketing industry work on ‘Projects’ whereas the Construction industry work on ‘Jobs’.

How can Rhino Help?

Rhino lets customers select their industry sector when they register a new Account and this will configure their version of Rhino to reflect the Features and Terminology used in that Sector. This ability provides customers with a Best Practice Business App for each specific sector.  This makes the App really easy to use because you only see and use the features that are relevant to your type of organization.

Why do SMEs struggle with technology?

Although many of the solutions on the market have some of the features that sort of do what you need, using a solution that does not reflect that way you can be time-consuming and very frustrating.

For example, many business owners have tried to use the Accounting Solutions, but quickly realise that:

  1. they are not accountants and do not feel confident setting up a Chart of Accounts, P&L and Balance Sheet.
  2. whilst creating invoices and tracking expenses is important, most require help with all the other things that need to happen before, during and after the creation of an Invoice.

Finally, we all know that if you don’t do things there and then, you simply forget.  Therefore, the ideal solution needs to be readily accessible wherever you are.

This approach will help you to make use of free windows of time to update everything during the day so that your evenings are free when you get home. Whilst you can access Rhino via the web or on a tablet, the Rhino Small Business App is specifically designed for your phone.

In the digital world where everyone expects an instant response, the ability to work in the moment will give you a competitive advantage.   For example, you can add a new customer, agree and issue an estimate and also pencil in the start date when you first meet the customer.

Rhino is all about helping you to react quicker to opportunities, reducing the effort and time it takes to do administrative tasks which frees up your time to focus on the things that are important to you.

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