Basic Making Tax Digital (MTD) features

included in the FREE, MICRO and BASIC licence editions

Invoicing and Payment Tracking

  • Create and send simple invoices in seconds.

  • Create multi-line invoices.

  • Store invoices created outside of Rhino.

  • Track customer invoice payments.

  • The Finance Dashboard summarises invoices by month.

Expense Management

  • Record your expenses as they are incurred.

  • Take a photo of the expense receipt.

  • Setup different Expense Types.

  • Use the Dashboard to view a summary of your Expenses.

Making Tax Digital – VAT

  • View the VAT Dashboard

  • View HMRC payment history

  • How to make a VAT submission

  • How to make adjustments to a previous submission

  • How to add private notes against those adjustments

  • How to Finalise the submission

Making Tax Digital – VAT Bridging Feature

  • View the VAT Dashboard

  • How to download the Rhino MTD Bridging Template

  • How to upload the completed spreadsheet

  • How to Finalise the submission

Bonus features

included in the FREE, MICRO and BASIC licence editions

Contact Management

  • Access your business anytime and from anywhere.

  • Store your customer & supplier contact information.

  • Organise and filter your contacts using search tags.

  • See everything relating to a contact on one screen.

  • Your team viewing and updating Rhino in real time.

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