The Complete Small Business Solution

Creating a Rhino Account

  • Select only the features that you require.
  • Enable additional features at any time at no additional cost.

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Managing your Customers and Suppliers

  • Store your business contact information safely.
  • Apply search tags to help you organise your contacts.
  • See everything relating to a contact on one screen.

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Creating Professional Estimates

  • Sales is about maximising precious opportunities.
  • Create a professional estimate in seconds using your phone.
  • Track those opportunities through to completion.

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Invoicing and Cash Sales

  • Very powerful range of invoice options.
  • Enable electronic payments.
  • Record cash transactions.
  • Track customer payments.

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Recording your Expenses

  • Use the camera on your phone to take a photo of the paper receipt and yes, you do not need to retain the paper receipt.
  • Recording your expenses accurately will reflect the true costs of your business, thereby minimising your tax bill.

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Financial Analysis

  • Highlights your monthly sales, costs and profitability.
  • Uses clever algorithms to help you forecast future trends.

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The Complete Solutions for Online Trading

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