It’s hard to beat Experience!

This is Bob Spree. He’s 80. There’s nothing Bob doesn’t know about fighter jet ejector seats. He spent his working years in the RAF as a mission-critical specialist. And that’s just one reason why Bob is our Senior Rhino Small Business App tester.

Despite his indisputable credentials on all things aeronautical, until last year Bob had never sent a text. And that’s the other reason he’s our chief front-line tester. Bob is our reality check. If he can’t work out how to use any part of the Rhino App instinctively, we fix it so that he can.

The Rhino App is all about helping owners of small and medium-sized companies run their businesses. We know they don’t have time to waste learning how to use software. It just needs to work. And be simple to use. Which is why Bob’s feedback is priceless.

sometimes a sign of a counterfeit drug is sloppy packaging. If you take medicine online pharmacy from the same manufacturer all the time, keep the box and instructions for comparison. Pay attention to the size of the font, the way the expiration date is printed

At Rhino, we created an App that champions small businesses by saving them valuable time. Knowing that the Rhino App will run intuitively and flawlessly on their smartphones, tablets and browsers is mission-critical for our customers. Fortunately, like us, they can depend on Bob.

Rhino is all about giving sole traders and small business users their evenings and weekends back. It provides simple but powerful no-nonsense professional features on a tool that’s always to hand, including contacts, appointments, notes, estimates, invoices, expenses, accounts and more.

  • Easy to Use: Select the features that you require.  Add more features as you need them.

  • Comprehensive: Provides everything you need in one easy to use App.

  • Accessibility: All feature are available across on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Real Time: High efficient design, will work on a 3G network.

  • Free Trial Available: Easy to get up and running, no credit card required.

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